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Welcome to our bespoke reselling community that goes beyond sneakers to provide you with exclusive opportunities to make money and secure the most anticipated goods

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Why Choose Us?

Our founders have been involved in this community since the original days of sneaker twitter, way before reselling was largely popularised.
We have watched the reselling game change throughout time and have now decided to share our knowledge and expertise through this group. Our team is solely dedicated to your success and we are confident that we provide everything you need to start or expand your reselling career! From educating beginners and fostering their success to providing exclusive group buys and tools to support the experts, we cater for you all.

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Our founders have been reselling for over 5 years. We are committed to sharing our expertise to ensure your success.

Friendly Community - Aftermarket Arbitrage
Friendly Community

We pride ourselves on welcoming everyone from beginners to experienced resellers. Our team provides 24/7 support and our like-minded members support each-other in the pursuit of chasing profits

In House Developers - Aftermarket Arbitrage
In House Developers

We have a team of developers at your disposal. Working to bring you some exciting tools, monitors and scripts for low-key sites that bot producers fail to cover

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Our success can speak for itself, but we are never satisfied. We are continually looking to expand our reach and build upon our services to maximise your experience with us.



Sneaker Raffles & Mass Submission

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It can be difficult to find out what sites are releasing items and keep track of what you have entered. Our group informs you of every single raffle and release. We also provide a mass raffle entry service, saving you hours of time manually entering

Sneaker Monitors & Beyond

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We have worked hard to ensure we bring you the best restock monitors covering over 300 sneaker sites. We don’t just stop at sneaker sites, our monitors detect price errors, deals and freebies on websites whilst notifying you of random profitable flips, such as Art, Funko, Disney and more! We pair this with expert guidance, so you know exactly which items to cop!

Autocheckout: Supreme & Sneakers

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We understand not everybody has access to bots of their own, so we help put those of you who need it on a level playing field with other bot users. We have a team dedicated to providing auto checkout services on every site you need. Our members will also get free slots on a regular basis!

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Luxury Fashion Plugs & Raffles

We told you our group went above and beyond your average cook group. We want you to make and save money in every aspect of your life! We have partnered with leading luxury fashion plugs to bring members authentic goods at heavily discounted prices Our Partners also provide weekly raffles so you can get your hands on anything from sneakers to luxury fashion or tech worth £££ from as little as £1

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Bot Group Buys & Giveaways

Thanks to our years of experience and building connections amongst the sneaker community, we are able to offer frequent group buys for those bots that are always out of stock! We will also be giving away weekly bot keys to our members granting you access to some of the most demanded software.

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Bot Set Up Guides & Tools

We provide complete set up guides for every release so that everybody from beginner to expert knows how to best run their bots for each specific release! We also provide members with a plethora of free tools including auto-quick-task software for your bots that is connected to our monitors. We also provide a range of free discord tools.



Aftermarket Arbitrage members have their own dashboard. This can be found within the discord server. Please head to the channel named #open-a-ticket and click the envelope. You can then gain access to your membership dashboard whereby you have the option to cancel your subscription, change your payment method or check how many days you have remaining. Please note deleting your Discord account does not by any means cancel your membership with us. You must follow these steps.

Yes, we encourage the participation of all in the reselling community, regardless of your experience. Joining our group will bring you up to speed and provide you with everything you need to begin your reselling career. Please see "Learn More”

Our membership fee is £30 per month. Payments are automatic and will be charged monthly. Don’t worry, you can cancel at any time through your membership dashboard if you wish to.

In addition to providing everything you need to begin sneaker reselling, Aftermarket Arbitrage goes further to ensure you make money through price errors, random flips and collectibles; including funko’s and art. With a special focus on UK and EU money making opportunities! We continually search for profitable items as we recognise that there is a lot of money to be made in markets beyond sneakers. We strive to ensure your satisfaction.
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