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The Community

Aftermarket Arbitrage is an exclusive community of like-minded individuals bound for success. When launching Aftermarket Arbitrage, one of our key goals was to ensure that everybody would be welcome in our community, regardless of experience. As experienced resellers, we are very much aware of the opportunities reselling can create for anyone and everyone! The ability to generate a side income (or even a full-time income) has the potential to change people’s lives and we want to support you along that journey

How does a discord group work and what is its purpose?

Have you ever wondered why you can’t get your hands on those highly demanded items? We understand this struggle and therefore are bringing you all of the insider information you need to increase your chances of getting these items. After spending years in this industry, we have curated all of our knowledge and contacts to provide members with everything they need to cop those exclusive sneakers or hot ticket items you keep missing out on.

We monitor over 300 sites which send alerts to your phone when Yeezys and other highly demanded items release! So, you don’t have to worry about missing out!

We provide and use the leading bots in order to provide auto-checkout slots for supreme and sneaker sites to put you on a level playing field against other bot users.

We help you test bots, set them up, and advise on which to purchase!

We save you hours of time through our inhouse raffle entry submission which enters your details into every raffle out there in one swift automated process!

We have a team dedicated to providing personalised resell advice, teaching you how to both buy and sell every profitable item.

If you are a beginner, look no further. We are here for you.

A beginner’s guide to reselling

If you are a beginner, or maybe just curious about reselling we have put together the perfect introductory e-book for you. This guide will not only introduce you to some key areas of reselling in general, but it will also educate you on bots and all of their complementary products that can seem daunting to most! This guide will also act as a reference point, as you can revert back to it at any time and look for bot providers, resale communities and buying/selling tips and tricks. Alongside this, we have compiled an abundance of bot set up guides and other tips and tricks used in the reselling industry as we share all of the answers you have been looking for!